When going through the different steps in Rydoo, the status of expenses change accordingly:

processing - The expense is being read out, please have patience…

duplicate - This expense might be a duplicate.

unreadable - The uploaded receipt can not be read out.

to be verified - The receipt was read out but some fields need to be completed by you.

to submit - The details are completed and the expense is ready to be submitted.

submitted - The expense has been submitted to the approver.

recalled - The expense has been recalled by you.

approved - The expense is approved by your approver.

controlled - The expense is controlled after approval.

rejected - The expense has been rejected by the approver or the controller.

reported - The expense is reported, after upload – approval – control.

The status of an expense is also briefly explained in the video of the personal role. You can skip ahead to 1:01 to only watch the part about the status. 

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