As an administrator of the Rydoo company account, you can add company cards for all users in the account.

Adding a card for one user

If you want to add only one or a few company cards, you can add them manually.

Go to 'Company settings' > 'Users' > select the relevant user in the overview and scroll down to the payment methods section to click on the 'Add payment method'-button.

Fill in the needed fields in the detail screen that pops open:

At the bottom of the page on top of the 'Save'-button, you can also set the payment method as default for new expenses if wanted. Then the card will be filled in automatically for all new expenses - still changeable when needed of course. 

Uploading cards for multiple users

Go to 'Company settings' > 'Users' > and click on the add button and choose 'Upload cards':

In the pop-up that appears you can download our CSV template for the company cards:

There are 6 columns in the CSV file:
: email address of the user the card belongs to
-Payment method
: CreditCard, DebetCard, AmericanExpress, Transfer, Paypal, Prepaid or Cheque
: number of the card
: name you want to give the card that is also clear for the user
: 1 for active, 0 for inactive
: Company (not reimbursable) or Personal (reimbursable)

Save the file so that you can upload it via the 'Upload file'-button in the same pop-up.

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