If you want to receive the daily transactions of your Citibank MasterCard in your Rydoo account, please follow these steps:


If your Citibank MasterCard has not been added as payment method in your Rydoo account, do so by going to Settings/Payment Methods (https://expense.rydoo.com/personal/cardsettings) and click 'Add payment method'.

Choose 'credit card' as payment method, fill in the complete card number (will not be stored), card name and save. No need to fill in the account number field.

If your Citibank MasterCard has already been added and does not show a 'O' symbol (see screenshot below), please open the payment method, fill in the full card number again and save. 

If at this point, no 'O' (see screenshot above) symbol appears, this means no transaction (payment) with this card has been done or has come in at our side, yet. You need to repeat the step above when you have actually have made a payment.


If the 'O' symbol appears behind your Citibank MasterCard in the overview, this means you can now validate the card (prove you are the owner of the card) and activate the daily transaction feed.

You click on your Citibank MasterCard in the overview and you will see the latest transaction(s) done with your card. 

For 1 of these transactions you need to fill in the correct amount and currency and click the 'Validate card' button. If this amount and currency you filled in are correct you will see following success message at the top of the screen:

The transactions (that were already received by us) will immediately be shown on the Transaction page and any new transaction will come in on a daily basis.

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