'Groups’ can be used for the departments/divisions/cost centers you want to add.

Rydoo will automatically create a default group for you. 

You can overwrite this group and give it another name.
This group is attached to the first branch of your account and you are the first member (since your email address was used to create the account). Change the name of the default group to the department you belong to by clicking on the line:

If you are working with more than one branch, it is important to create groups for each branch.

As a note:
Make sure to select the correct branch right away since this can not be changed afterwards.

There are two ways to add groups: manually or via our CSV template.

1/ Adding groups manually

In the example above, I have overwritten the ‘default group’ with ‘Finance’, now I will add another group 'Marketing' that is linked to the second branch. 

Click on ‘Add group’, choose the correct branch, enter the name of the group and enter a group ID: 

The overview will now display both groups:

2/ Adding groups via our CSV template

If you need to add a large number of groups, you can use our CSV to upload. 

You can download the CSV template by clicking on the ‘Upload groups’-button,

and choosing 'Download it here':

The CSV template will be open in Excel or Numbers:

  • Column A: Branch name - identical to the name you used in your settings
  • Column B: Branch ID - identical to the ID you used in your settings
  • Column C & D: It is possible to have the same group name and group ID across branches. Within one branch it is possible to have the same group name but the ID needs to be unique.
  • Column E: If you want to work with a parent group, create the parent as a regular group first and then fill it in here
  • Column F: '0' = inactive - '1' = active

As a note:
Do not make any changes to the template or the upload will not work. Leave columns blank if you do not need them.
Do not make typos in the branch name, otherwise our tool will create a new branch for you. 

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