There are several roles possible in Rydoo:

  • Administrator - will determine the account settings for the entire company
  • Approver - approves or rejects submitted expenses (and trips)
  • Branch Manager - can change some account settings of his branch (≈ limited admin) such as adding and editing users and groups. 
  • Finance - has an overview of all the company (or branch) expenses and creates the accounting report
  • Controller - controls or rejects approved expenses
  • Treasurer - can create and oversee the created/used cash advances
  • Director - the role that can see expenses, but doesn't have any rights to approve/reject expenses.
  • Personal ( = User)  - adds expenses (and trips)

All the permissions for each role in Rydoo are defined via ‘Roles’ in the company settings. 

By clicking on the line of a role, you can check and change permissions where needed. Any changes will be applicable to all users respectively to their assigned role. 

For example, if an approver is unable to approve an expense, please check if the following option is enabled under 'roles': 

If you would like controllers to be able to 'edit' expenses, please check if the following option is enabled: 

There are a wide varieties of permissions that you can enable / disable, so it's worth having a look at those as they will help you define your company policy. 

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