You can continue with the default categories already created for you, for each branch you have in your account:

Or you can select the checkbox in front of the categories you want to delete or disable by clicking on the 'Actions'-button + the option 'Delete' or 'Disable' to start from scratch:

As a note: 

  • When you connect to a partner accounting package, such as Xero, Quickbooks, etc., the chart of accounts will be automatically imported for you. It is best to delete the default categories before importing the ones from your accounting package.
  • For Travel bookings you can choose the linked category as well > All info on this you can find at the end of this article in 'Editing a category'. (Our default categories are already linked to Travel.)

All categories need to be created per branch. Both name and number will appear in your accounting report.
We offer you a CSV-template to upload a batch of categories or you just add them manually. Both options are available via the 'Add categories-button’. 

1/ Adding a Category manually
Select the 'Add category'-button and fill in the needed information:

2/ Adding Categories via our CSV template
Select 'Upload categories' and download the template in the pop up that appears: 

The CSV template will open up in Excel or Numbers:

  • Column A: Name of the category
  • Column B: Accounting number of the category
  • Column C & D: Name and ID number of the branch the category needs to be linked to.
  • Column E: '0' = inactive - '1' = active

Editing a category
By clicking on a category line, you can complete and finetune the category settings and choose some extra options: 

One of those options is to link the category to Travel for your bookings: 

It is also possible to multi-edit categories by selecting the checkboxes and clicking on the 'Actions'-button and the option 'Multi edit':

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