To edit or add mileage rates for calculation of the mileage expenses, this is the place to be:

You can easily click on the default rate 'Car' that we created for you to change it into the correct amount.

If the rate changes, you do not need to create a new rate. By updating the amount and selecting the starting date, the calculation will always happen with the relevant rate for that day.

If you need more rates, for different currencies or group/branch-related, you can click on the button 'Add Mileage Rate'.

If a user submits multiple mileage expenses for the same from/to destinations on the same day, Rydoo will mark the expenses as potential duplicates.

Mileage Rates Explained

  1. You can set up mileage rates based on the vehicle group and modes of transportation.

    - Vehicle group: Allows you to add different group rates to a specific vehicle group. Rydoo will calculate mileages for the sub rates based on this vehicle group.

    - Modes of Transportation: There are 4 different travel modes to choose from i.e. driving, walking, cycling and transit.

    The user can only see the name of the mileage rate while creating an expense. Hence it is important that the name contains the travel mode as well.
    When a user creates a mileage expense the route will be calculated based on the rate - which is linked to the travel modus.

  2. Sub Rates
    In Rydoo you can create sub rates that will allow you to follow for example the HRMC rules in the UK, where a different rate applies after 10.000 miles. 

- Per year: We will keep track of all your mileage expenses for the following year and apply a new rate when your total amount of mileages is above a specific amount.

- Per expense: A new rate is applied when a single mileage expense goes above a specific mileage distance.

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