In the 'Company settings' / 'Tax rates' you can add the relevant rates for the countries you need. 

If you integrate with an accounting tool (Xero, Quickbooks, etc.) the tax codes will automatically be imported. 

If you do not see this menu when you are in the 'Company settings', you need to activate the option in the 'Advanced settings' first: "Show VAT amount and VAT percentage field".

Furthermore, you can link the rates to specific categories - after selecting a branch first: 

If you limit the rate to a country, make sure to have the following activated in your 'Company settings' / 'Advanced settings: "Show the country field in all expenses".

If you add specific rates for some countries, you can still add a rate for the ‘rest of the world’ by adding a rate and not limiting it to a country. We will then apply this rate for each country that does not have a specific rate for the category. 

In Rydoo we always work generically with the Gross Amount. This means that we calculate the amount including VAT => Total - (Total / 1 + VAT %) 

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