Important remarks to begin this article:

  • The data feed is available in certain countries and banks.
  • It is no longer available in the United Kingdom/Europe due to some regulations.

After clicking on Connect your company cards, a request will be send towards our Customer Success Team:

They will ask you for some additional information to see if it is possible for you to connect to your online banking. 

If it is possible for you, the option Connect your company cards will change into Connect your credit card and Connect your debet card. After clicking on the relevant option, the widget of Direct ID will start:

Click on “Start” and start typing your bank's name in the search engine. All relevant banks will appear. Make sure you select the correct bank. You can identify your bank by the name and the URL used for your online banking.

You can enter your UserID and password (for your online banking) to complete the connection.
Make sure you are not logged in on your online banking when completing the widget.

If your bank has extra securities like activation codes, you will need to enter those as well.

When the connection is successful you will see the bank in the transaction dropdown (this can take 24 hours).
Don't forget to add your card in Rydoo as a payment method. Based on the 4 last digits of your card, we will upload the transactions.

Problems importing your transactions? Check our troubleshooting page for quick tips and tricks.

If the data feed is not available for you, you don't have to worry though, you can still use our CSV or PDF upload via the same menu:

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