To setup the Belfius connection, your account needs to be changed into the Belfius version of Rydoo first. To request this change, please send an email to [email protected].

This version has a bit of a different layout but other then that all functionalities remain the same, with the Belfius connection on top. 

When your account is in the Belfius version, you will see an additional option on your dashboard: 'Card integration':

By clicking on this option a widget will open to setup the connection.
To confirm the feed Belfius will send you a confirmation email after completing the widget.

As soon as you use your credit card now, 3 transactions will be displayed in the relevant payment method - in your 'Personal settings'. By completing one of those 3 transactions you will verify the feed and the transactions will now enter your 'Transactions' menu in Rydoo.

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