You can connect your Rydoo account to Slack, for an easy way to manage expenses.

Connect Rydoo to Slack

In your 'Personal settings' / 'Settings' under the section 'Software Connection', you can click 'Add to Slack' to start the process:

You will be guided towards a Slack widget to sign in to your workspace: 

After completing the widget, you will receive a Slack message and a confirmation email.

Upload Expenses on Slack as a User

You can add expenses by dragging and dropping receipts in the Rydoo Slack conversation:

You will receive a message when the expense has been uploaded into your Rydoo account.

If you include a comment to the receipt, the Rydoo bot will save your note with that expense.

Approve or Reject Expenses as an Approver

If you are an approver, you will immediately receive a message on Slack when you have an expense to approve. You can easily approve or reject via Slack.

Directly Add Users to Slack as an Administrator

If you're an administrator, you can also add users to Rydoo via Slack.
Just type in 'Invite @person' or 'Invite [email protected] and the Rydoo bot on Slack will add the user. 

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