Start the connection via your bank
To start the connection, you can request it directly with the contact person you have at ING. If you do not have a direct contact there, let us know via [email protected] and we will get you in touch with the right person from ING.

NB! ING only supports sending Transaction data for Corporate Cards.

Confirm the connection in Rydoo
Once your bank confirms the feed, we will receive all your transactions and upload them in your account after following these steps:

Add the full card number for each user, in order to link the transactions with the correct person in your account.  If the payment method is not yet created, you can do that in the users settings: 

Validate the transactions in the relevant created payment method to confirm the feed. The user (or admin) needs to validate the transactions by entering the information of one of the three lines.

As a note:
The validation process will only be available if the company card was used recently. You will need to wait to validate until you make a new transaction with your card.

Once the validation is done, the users will see all of their transactions on a daily basis in their account in the 'Transactions'-menu. (This can be with a few days delay for the treatment of the transactions on the bank side.)

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