Why is Xpenditure rebranding?

A year ago, we joined forces with Sodexo, leader in employees' quality of life and iAlbatros, inventors of MAYA, the corporate travel platform designed to change the life of business travelers. Our goal, together, is to create a new standard for business travelers across the world and to offer the perfect journey from booking a trip to expensing receipts. We want business travels, in every company, to be easy, enjoyable and stress free.

This new venture marks a new era. A new start, with more services and better services for you. 

When will Xpenditure be changed to the new brand?

June 5th we will change to the new company. When you log in to your account on that day, the colors and style will be different but all the functionalities you love will remain the same. You will find your way, don't worry. 

Why is Sodexo mentioned?

The story of the new brand  is not an ordinary one. It started with the shared vision - Xpenditure, iAlbatros and Sodexo - to save time and streamline Travel & Expense management for all business travelers and employees around the world. The new brand is a hybrid combining the agility of start-ups with the capacities of a corporate. Might sound like contradictory words 'corporate' and 'start-up' but that is what we achieved with the new brand. An independent brand created by 3 brands coming together. 

What will be different in the existing product? And will this rebrand affect my settings & way of working?

When switching to the new brand on June 5th, your users will have access to all existing functionalities in a brand new jacket. Both your user settings and your company settings will remain the same.

On the mobile and web app; all users will be welcomed with a message to introduce the new brand and its new colors. The mobile app icon will also transform and proudly display its wings on June 5th.

By default the new travel module will be disabled. Only you as an admin will be able to preview the travel functionalities and control who can have access to the travel module. If the travel module is enabled, a user will have access to this module in the same web application. On mobile, 2 apps will be available: one for Expense and one for Travel.

Will the existing ‘trip module’ be replaced by this new travel solution?

No, the 'trip module' will stay but the content will be expanded. In the new travel solution, trips will automatically be created when a trip has been booked.

Will my pricing change?

No, the new brand will not affect your subscription plan.

Do I need to use this new travel solution?

No, you don’t. Travel and Expense are two separate services and can be used independently. You can always keep on using the expense tool only. 

Can I try this travel solution for free?

Yes, of course. To get started as an admin, you can activate the travel tool and select the users you would like to add to the trial. If they book a trip before September 2018, your company can use the travel platform free forever. 

Will the support & follow-up I’m used to stay the same?

Absolutely. The same team working for Xpenditure is now working for the new brand. Your contacts will remain the same. To guarantee you the best support possible, you might meet new people when you sign up for the travel solution. However, our travel specialists share the same customer-centric vision of Xpenditure.

How should I communicate these changes within my company?

We will organize a series of ‘webinars’ during the second half of May. As an admin you will receive an invite by email to register for the webinar. As from June 5th, we will provide you with documentation to share with your team.

What happens with the data stored in both applications?

No need to worry. All data gets synced between both applications, so changes done in Expense will be shared with Travel and vice versa. Your data will still be stored in the European Union and be treated according to GDPR requirements, so you can sleep soundly.

I've already created training material for my users, how will I be assisted in these changes?

In our efforts to provide you the best support possible, we will foresee general training material at first. Over time, we plan to add more specific training videos and other materials. Of course, you are always free to create training materials yourself, share them with us or give us feedback on how to do better.

Do I need to redownload my app?

No, you don't have to do anything. Our app will automatically update. As from June 5th, when you go to the app it will all be in the new brand colours.

How do we pay our travel booking?

You can use your credit card at check out to pay for your bookings. We also offer central billing for the companies that wish to centralise all the payments. Just drop us an email and we can give you all the details about that. 

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