1. To view all your bookings from the personal dashboard, press on the "Travel" on the left hand side of the page.

    2. List of your upcoming bookings

On the top, you can use different elements of the trip to refine your trip search and you can use different criteria to sort the trip results or modify their display below. 


My Trips/templates/arranged by me: You can filter on the trip type searched:

-My Trips: your trips, where you are a traveler of the trip

-Template: your saved trip templates

-Arranged by me: if you have “arranger” rights, it corresponds to trips you have arranged for other travelers

Upcoming/ongoing/past/all: you can filter on the trip period searched. 


Click on the “Show more” to unfold more trip details

Click on on the "Details" button to open the trip and have the full trip details

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