1. Up top, click “Save as template” to save the structure of your trip as a template. You could use this template next time to launch quickly a new search based on data of this trip. Click on the calendar icon to add your trip details to your agenda.  

2. Under trip code, you can see your Rydoo Trip reference. Under trip name, you can give a name to your trip, so you’ll find it easily in your trips list.

Scroll the screen to see all services of this trip.

3. When you have no more services to add to your trip, click on the “NEXT” button to finalise your booking.

4. Having clicked on “NEXT” button, the system switches to the “Analytical fields” section to check pre-filled in data and complete other ones

The section under the trip code is visible if your company has activated “analytical fields”. Each field is defined by your company.

  • Some fields can come from your profile and can be either on read-only modus or editable by you. If it is on read-only and you consider that data filled in are wrong, please contact your administrator to modify them

  • Regarding other fields (editable or non-filled in), you must complete at least fields identified as mandatory thanks to the star icon to be able to confirm or put on hold your trip. 

Underneath this section, you can select the approver who will validate your trip, if your company has defined an approval workflow and lets you choose your approver in a drop down menu.

5. At the end of the page, check the box to confirm you have read and accepted the fare conditions (you can click on it to read them again)

6. Click on “BOOK” button to confirm your trip

If you're paying by credit card you will be redirected to a third party payment portal to complete your booking. Here you can enter in the necessary payment details and check out. Once completed your trip will be confirmed.

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