Looking to customize your travel module? Here's the short-list of what's possible in the Rydoo Travel advanced travel settings.

Centralize your travel payments

Apply for centralized payment and save your employees' time, as they can skip the payment phase at checkout. With a centralized account, you can unlock additional managed travel settings and receive a consolidated monthly invoice for all your bookings.

Advanced profile configuration

Create communities for your different groups of users. Customize the roles and permissions for each user in your account: Traveler, Self-booker, Travel Arranger, Approver and more! 

Travel policy integration

Hide or show non-compliant rates, specific flows for non-compliant bookings, holding a booking for 24hrs, highlighting of negotiated rates 

Workflow approval 

Set up nominated approvers for each traveler or assign an arranger for your communities to validate company expenses before they are booked 

External guest booking

With advanced settings, you can also arrange a trip for external guests who do not have a Rydoo account

Tailor your hotel content settings

Show your preferred hotel chains, or limit visibility for certain suppliers based on your content preferences.

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