If you have no receipt it is still possible to create an expense in your Rydoo account. Choose ‘Add expense’ and then go to the second part of the menu shown ‘Create manually’:

Here you can choose to create a

  1. (regular) expense
  2. mileage expense
  3. time tracking expense
  4. per diem

Fill in what is needed and if wanted you can still add an attachment (if you do not have a receipt, but maybe have a picture of for example the Taxi dashboard).


Fill in the date and the addresses ‘From’ and ‘To’. Our connection with Google Mapswill do the rest for you.  With this function you can also add favorite addresses by clicking on the star-icon at the end of the address field. That will save time if you use the same address regularly.


In the per diems you have two options:

  • Work "As a trip" - by filling in the details of your journey:
  • Work with "Individual days" - by clicking on the days you want to create a per diem for:

Based on what you fill in, we will calculate the correct allowances for you - taken into counter all regulations your administrator added in the company account.

When deductions are applicable you can define them in the created lines per day at the bottom of your screen.

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