No matter what role you have in Rydoo, you will be able to create a standard report of your own expenses by going to your 'Expenses' tab in the left navigation bar and clicking on the 'filter-icon' top right of your screen:

Fill in the needed filters so only the expenses you want will show.

Hit the button 'Reports' then 'Create ...' and choose the type of report you prefer.

Give your new report a name, click on "Export" and wait for it to be processed. You do not have to wait; a mail will be sent when the export is finished.

Download your new report by clicking the 'V'-button.

It is also possible to select some expenses from your overview and hit the report button 'Create PDF from selection'. Only the selected expenses will then appear in your report.

To view your reports, go to the 'Reports'-button and choose 'Show all reports'.

As Finance you can also create 'Standard reports' for expenses other then yourself, by clicking on 'Reporting' in the left navigation bar and choosing the second reporting option: "Standard".

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