The status of an expense allows users to followup on the location of the expense in the expense workflow.

When going through the different steps in Rydoo, the status of expenses change accordingly:


The OCR is reading out the amount, merchant, currency and date of the expense.
We thank you for your patience. Note that it is possible to manually skip the processing step and enter the information manually.

Rydoo differentiates "potential duplicate" and "duplicate" status. 

to be verified
The receipt was read out automatically. Before this expense can be send for approval additional information will need to be added to the expense details. Once all the needed information is added the expense can be send for approval.

to submit

All mandatory information is added in the expense details. It is now possible to submit the expense for approval.

The expense has been submitted to the approver. The approver will now be able to approve or reject the expense. More information regarding the approval of expenses can be found here.

The expense has been recalled by you. It will now be possible to edit the expense.

The expense is approved by your approver. If two levels of approver are configured in your company account a second validation will need to be performed by the "controller".

The expense is controlled after approval.

The expense has been rejected by the approver or the controller.

The expense is reported, after upload – approval – control. This means the finance team has created a report of all controlled expenses and will reimburse your expense.

The status of an expense is also briefly explained in the video of the personal role. You can skip ahead to 1:01 to only watch the part about the status. 

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