1. Select the Book hotel icon to start a booking a hotel room for yourself.

2. Fill in the search panel depending on the needs of your trip (Please note that if you are adding a service to an existing trip, the search panel is automatically pre-filled in according to first service booked)

The hotel location is indicated on the map.

On the Location field, you can search by City, district, complete address, station, point of interest…

3. By selecting "More criteria" you can refine your search

4. Launch your search clicking on the Search button

5. Click on the “Show rates” button to unfold the rate list offered on the hotel

6. Clicking on a hotel offer, you can open a pop-up to have details about hotel, rooms, amenities and other. Press Select to choose to you would like to book.

7. After selecting, check your booking cart and fill in missing fields if needed. 

8. a) If you need another service for your trip, click on the Add more button then select from the available services to add to your booking

b) If you don’t need another service for your trip, click on the Next button to finalize your booking

To finish your booking, please refer to our article below:

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