1. Select the Book rail icon to start booking a train service for yourself.

2. Fill in the search panel depending on the needs of your trip:

  • Select “Roundtrip” if you want to book a return ticket

  • Select “One-way” if you want to book a one-way ticket

  • Select “Multi-Leg” if you want to book more than one return ticket or if you want a return ticket with a return to different city/rail-station than the one of the departure

       To specify your departure and return time:

  • You can select a time window or set manually a precise time

  • The preferred time of departure or arrival can be defined by pressing show fares and selecting your preferred train

3. Launch your search clicking on the search button

On the top, you can use different filters to refine the results display and you can use different criteria to sort your result and modify their display. By selecting Edit search, you can modify your search criteria and relaunch the search. 

4. Click on the “Show fares” button to unfold the fares list offered on the train

5. Click on the “Select” button to select the fare and continue on the next page to         select the return train (the fare displayed corresponds to the round trip ticket fare (the calculation is based on the choice of cheapest fare available for the return)

6. On the results page of the return, select the chosen train and fare clicking on the “shopping basket” button

7. After selection, check your booking cart and fill in missing fields if needed.

8. a) If you need another service for your trip, click on the “Add more” button then select the service to add one to your booking

8. b) If you don’t need another service for your trip, click on the “NEXT” button to finalize your booking

Does your trip need to include a connection to a local Belgium station? If so, check out how to book an "All Belgian Station" ticket here.

To finish your booking, please refer to our article below:

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