1) What can I book online through Rydoo Travel?

  • Hotels
  • Air (including selected low cost carriers)
  • Rail (subject to territorial limitations)

2) What features are included in the Free Travel module?

  • Self-booker and arranger roles
  • Self management: possibility to activate travel module for selected number of users.
  • Pay as you go via credit card checkout

If you would like to see what other functionality is available beyond the Free Travel module, please refer to our article on Advanced Travel Settings. 

3) Can I also make a booking offline?

Offline booking is not available in the free travel module. We are offering an online booking tool.

4) Can I make a booking for someone else?

Yes, in the Free Travel module you can book a flight for someone else in your company as long as they also have an account and the travel module enabled. 

Please refer to the advanced travel settings for the arranger role if you are interested in booking flights for external guests.

5) I cannot find my preferred hotel in Rydoo - why is this offer unavailable? 

We have partnerships many hotel suppliers across the globe. Not finding your preferred carrier could be due to availability of the room or the content that we curate for your country. Please send us a message through the chat support which is located on the bottom right corner of our page and we will attempt to add your preferred supplier to our database, if possible.  

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