When you have uploaded a statement but the correct card could not be found based on the information on the PDF, you will get the notification no card found in each transaction line: 

If the card was not yet created in the account, you will firstly need a payment method.
When the card has been created, you can link the entire statement to the correct card by following these steps:

STEP 1: Click on the relevant statement line to open up the detail

STEP 2: Click on the "edit" button to change the statement details

STEP 3: Select the relevant card

In the edit mode, you will be able to change some fields, one of them is the payment method.

STEP 4: Save your changes

By clicking on the 'V' button your changes will now be saved. 

And the card will now be filled in for the entire statement and thus also for each transaction line.

At this point, the automated matching process can take off.
If there are expenses created for these transactions already, you will see the little card icons popping up. For more info on the transactions matching process, you can click here

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