With Rydoo you can easily connect your company cards in order to have your transactions appear in your account. 

Transactions are the expense lines that you see on your credit card statement. This will allow you to automatically reconcile your expenses with transactions. In Rydoo, these transactions can be uploaded in several ways, following article discusses the options:


Setup the connection for Mastercard (CDF)

To start the connection, you can request your bank to set up a feed to Rydoo in the MasterCard SmartData Portal. They will bring you in contact with their card implementation team to check if they already have a SmartData agreement.

If your bank has a SmartData agreement, the feed will be initiated by finding Rydoo in the Hosted Solutions Listing on the SmartData platform. The requested file type should be CDF (Common Data File) v3 Release 1502. Once the setup is completed, your bank will activate the file feed. As a company you can choose the start date of the transactions. 

  1. Vendor Name: Rydoo 
  2. Application Type: Hosted
  3. Format: the latest one (CDF v3 Release 1401, 1502, 1601), both extensions CDF And XML possible
  4. Transmission Type: Mastercard initiated (Push)
  5. Transmission Protocol: SFTP (secure shell with user ID and password or key authentication)
  6. PGP Encryption: No
  7. Custom File Name: Yes (FileDeliveryID_Date_time_Seq.xml)
  8. Would you like to specify a file path for where the file will be placed: Yes (Mastercard/)
  9.  What encoding format do you require?: UTF-8
  10. Frequency to send file: On receipt

Once the feed is enabled you can:

Add payment methods to users
Matching transactions with expenses 

Setup the connection for American Express (GL1025)

Contact your bank or Amex account manager and request your Amex data to be transferred to Rydoo. They will bring you in contact with the Amex card implementation team. This team will provide you with a Global Data Transfer Form (GDTF) that you need to fill in and provide to Rydoo for completion.

Once the GDTF is completed, you will need to send it towards Amex who can activate the data feed. As a company you can request the start date of the transactions.

Once the feed is enabled you can:

Add payment methods to users
Matching transactions with expenses

Once your payment methods have been set up you’ll have to validate your card

Validate the transactions in the relevant created payment method to confirm the feed. The user (or admin) needs to validate the transactions by entering the information of one of the three lines.

Once the validation is done, the users will see all of their transactions on a daily basis in their account in the 'Transactions'-menu. (This can be with a few days delay for the treatment of the transactions on the bank side.)

As a note:  The validation process will only be available if the company card was used recently. You will need to wait to validate until you make a new transaction with your card.

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