If you are unable to submit your expenses even though all required fields have been filled out, please check the following two scenarios: 

To be verified

This status means that additional information needs to be added to the expense details. Ensure that you have filled out all required fields before submitting an expense. The expense status will then be changed to submitted.

NOTE: Required fields will have a red indicator if you try to submit an expense without them.

View only
If the subscription of your account was not renewed it will be possible to log in and extract all needed data. It will however not be possible to add or adjust already uploaded data. This will result in blocking the upload of new expenses.

Is your expense linked to a trip? If this is the case, you probably do not have permission to submit any expenses linked to that trip until it has come to an end. Please check the end date of your trip: 

"Trip is already completed" error message comes up? In this case, the trip you have assigned some of your expenses to has been set as 'completed'. You need to change the status of the trip before submitting it.

Company card
Is your expense paid with a 'company card'? If this is the case, your company has implemented a policy that requires that the expense needs to be matched to a transaction before it can be submitted for approval. For more information regarding the matching process, check out the article 'Matching transactions with expenses' on our help center. 

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