When you’re booking an international train from Belgium (from Brussels Midi/Zuid, Antwerp, or Liège), you can add the travel to and from your local Belgian train station.

The All Belgian Station (ABS) feature allows you to hop on any local Belgian train station (e.g. Gent-Sint-Pieters or Mechelen) of the national network, connecting you to your Thalys or Eurostar destination all in one ticket.

How to make an ABS booking

  1. Start by entering the details of your trip from Belgium. Make sure you input the international departure station (Brussels Midi/Zuid, Antwerp, or Liège), not your local Belgium station, when starting your search. 

2. Then click ‘More criteria’ and select the ‘All Belgian stations’ checkbox. This means that you can travel to Brussels from any Belgian train station with the same ticket. 

3. Once you see a list of options based on your search parameters, click 'Show Fares' on your train selection.  Here you will find a list of fares that include the 'ANY BELGIAN STATION' option

4. Select your fare and confirm your 'Fare conditions' before you checkout

With this ticket you can hop on from any local Belgian train station to your connecting international Belgian train station, and onward to your final destination.
This also works for round trips, and trips originating from outside of Belgium to a local Belgian station.

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