Submitting expenses on Rydoo mobile application is very simple and intuitive. It is possible to submit your receipts, mileage expenses, per diems or daily allowances, and manual expenses directly on the application.

On the mobile app homepage, these 3 buttons can be seen at the bottom of the page:

Left Button - Mileage Expenses
Center - Capture Receipts
Right Button - Manual Expenses and Per Diems (daily allowances)

Mileage Expenses:

After clicking the left button to create a Mileage Expense, this is how your screen would look like.

You need to indicate the "FROM" and "TO" locations and the app will start calculating the distance of the trip.

Click "ADD DESTINATION" add more stops on your trip.

Fill out the all the required information based on your company's policy. All required fields are marked with an asterisk.

You can also use the BACK & FORTH (on/off) option if you've taken the same route returning to your original location. 

Review the details to ensure accuracy, then click SAVE (check) or SUBMIT (plane) that can be seen on the upper right corner of the screen.

Unable to submit expenses?

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