You can configure some user settings directly on the mobile app. If you need to configure settings at an admin level, this must be done on the web.

If you've recently downloaded the Rydoo mobile application, it is always best to check the settings on the mobile app to ensure that it will behave as expected.

To access the Settings, tap on Settings when on the Rydoo app's home page.

The Settings sidebar

1. Switch Accounts - Tap on these settings if you need to switch between accounts or add accounts.

2. Preferences - This will allow you to change your preferences for the following.

  • Language - Tap on Language, and choose your preferred language from the list. Please note, this change will also happen on your language preference in the web version.

  • Date Format - Tap to change your date format from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY

  • Distance Unit - Tap to change your distance from Miles to Kilometers.

  • Decimal separator - Tap to change your separator from comma (,) to period (.)

  • Light/Dark Mode - This setting will allow you to change the mode of your app view.

  • Save Images - This will ensure that when snapping a picture of your receipts with the app, a copy will always be saved on your phone gallery. Tap on the toggle to enable Save Images.

  • Passcode - For the additional security on your account enable the passcode recognition by sliding the button from left to the right.

3. Help & Support - This feature will give you access to our support team by clicking on Contact Us and to access our Help Center.

4. Send Feedback - This will allow you to send feedback to our mobile team via email.

5. Join Our Beta Program - We are constantly testing new features. If you want to be become a beta tester, tap here and register.

6. Log out - This feature will log you out from the mobile app.

7. Version - This is the app version.

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