This error message indicates that the expense is currently linked to a category that is created in Rydoo rather than to one that has been imported from Quickbooks.

Via your admin settings / categories, you can check the source of the category. 

An easy way to solve this is to write for example 'wrong' behind the category with source 'Rydoo': 

After you have edited the category, you can easily relink the expense to the 'correct' Quickbooks category. 

1/ Via your expenses tab, filter out on the wrong category: 

2/ This will give you an overview of all the expenses linked to that category. 

3/ Open up the expense and link it to the 'correct' category, click save and try to export again.  

After the corrections have been made, it is important to deactivate the incorrect category so it can no longer be selected. 

If the export still fails, feel free to reach out via the chat bubble or contact us at [email protected]

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