If your company is using the trip function in Rydoo you might have wondered what do the different statuses of a trip mean. This article is here to help you with that.

Once you created a trip the status will be "Created":

At this point, you will be able to choose this trip from the drop-down list when you created an expense.

If you have finished a trip and assigned all expenses to it there is a possibility to set the trip as completed so that it is not going to show anymore in the drop-down list. For this, you have to go to the trip tab on the website and click on the trip. There you have to click on the button "Set as completed":

NOTE: After this, the status will change to completed and you will not be able to link anymore expenses to this trip. You will also not be able to submit expenses connected to this trip any more.

If later on you realise that you forgot to link an expense to a trip which is already in "completed" status you have the possibility to reopen the trip.

To do so you have to find the trip first so you can either type in its name in the search panel or click on the filter sign and filter on the completed trips:

When you found the trip you have to click on the "Re-open" button which will make that this trip will be again available in your drop-down list.

Other statuses:

If your company activated approvals on trips a trip can have the following additional statuses:

  • to submit: You are still able to change the trip details unless you have already activated the per diems
  • submitted: The trip is waiting on approval
  • approved: Your approver approved the trip, at this point no more changes are allowed
  • recalled: You have submitted the trip but then realised you need to make some changed and before it got approved you ave recalled the trip
  • rejected: The trip got rejected by your approver

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