No worries, this probably happened because your colleague ( or you as a user ) downloaded the mobile app before being part of the company's account.

The system will indicate that as following:

As a user:

or as an admin

This shows because the e-mail address is the unique key to get access to Rydoo.
Please try the following procedure first:

Once you have actually deleted the wrongly created account ( make sure you follow all steps in the article ) you can be added to the company's Rydoo account.
Please note that you can not delete an account as the admin, this has to be done by the user.

If no separate account was created with the e-mail address you want to add you'll need to check whether that e-mail address wasn't used as a secondary e-mail address.
That option is available in the personal settings of the account and gives the user the
possibility to add another e-mail address where he/she wants to forward e-receipts from.

Deleting that secondary e-mail address does the trick.

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