Here you can find all steps to setup the connection between Rydoo and Exact Online, how to choose the right connection settings and to export the data. 

                                       << Setting up the connection >>

You can go to Admin, under ACCOUNT SETTINGS, select 'Integrations'.
Choose ‘Exact’ and click on the blue 'Connect' - button:

Fill in the country and then your Exact login details: click on 'login’: 

                                            << Choose your settings >>

Choose the branch from Rydoo (your company/branch) that you would like to connect with Exact Online.

In Rydoo, you can create different corporate entities in your account through the
creation of ‘Branches’. They are entities with different VAT numbers and therefore have independent accounting reports. Thus for purposes regarding Rydoo, operate

Since it is also possible to connect with your accounting partner on a branch level, you can export to different Exact accounts or to the same account.  

Two different ways to establish a connection:

1/ ‘Back to overview‘’ => this allows you to link branches to a different Exact accounts.

2/ ‘Add new setting’ => this allows you to link the different branches to the same
Exact account.

In order to keep a clear overview of the connections made, you can edit the name from ‘default setting’ to the ‘branch name’ by clicking on the edit button: 

Choose if you would like your projects to be imported in Rydoo so you can assign expenses to them. Note: Project module will need to be enabled in Exact online (see section what we import / export)

Choose the Company from Exact you like us to connect with.
Choose the Journal where to you want to export your expenses. TIP: Make a separate logbook in Exact Online e.g.: 'Expenses Rydoo' to keep a good overview of all your receipts.

Click on save and synchronise to make sure your settings are ready to work with.

If the synchronisation between both accounts was successful, the following will appear: 

If the synchronization between both accounts was unsuccessful, the following will appear: 

For more information regarding the export settings, see section:  How Expenses are Exported Towards Exact.

                                       << What we import / export >>

We will import your 'Chart of accounts' to the categories in Rydoo. 

The chart of accounts are automatically imported for you and will be visible under ‘categories’ in Rydoo.  

In Rydoo: 

As an advise, if you do not want to use all categories, make sure to disable them rather than deleting them, if not they will reappear when you synchronize.

In Exact Online: Master data / GL Accounts 

We will import your VAT Rates to the VAT Rates in Rydoo. 

We import all the tax rates that have transaction type: 'Both' and/or 'Purchase' that you have set up in Exact Online. 

We will import your 'Projects' if you have the project module activated in Exact.

It is possible to use 'cost centers' and 'cost units' as well.

Cost centers: To set up your cost centers, please follow the steps below: 

1/ Under Integrations / Export select the following option: 

2/ Make sure the group code in Rydoo is equal to the cost centre code in Exact Online. Cost centres are automatically linked to a user's group. 

Rydoo - Company settings / Groups / Group ID 

Exact Online: Masterdata / Overview : Cost Centers / Maintenance: Cost Center 

Cost units: To set up your cost units, please follow the steps below:
1/ Create a custom field in Rydoo and name it 'costunit' or 'kostendragers' (for our Dutch users) with predefined values.

Rydoo: Company settings / Custom Fields  

2/ Make sure the cost unit code within Exact Online is equal to the custom field code within Rydoo. When creating an expense, you will be able to select the cost unit you would like to have the expense linked to. 

Exact Online : Masterdata / Overview : Cost units / Maintenance: Cost unit

                  << How Expenses are Exported Towards Exact Online >>

Reimbursable expenses can be exported in the following 2 ways:
1/ create an expense line with the name of the Rydoo user as a supplier. We have an additional feature which allows you to bundle reimbursable expenses per user. If this option is selected, we bundle all these expenses and place them under the employee as a supplier.

User in Rydoo: Admin Exact Online 

Expenses exported:

Exporting Expenses with the name of a Rydoo user as a supplier & bundled expenses per user not enabled 

Exporting Expenses with the name of a Rydoo user as a supplier & bundled expenses per user enabled 

2/ create a supplier with the merchant on the receipt  

Company expenses: For company expenses, it is important that a company card is added in Rydoo (Admin settings / users => select user profile => payment methods).
These payment methods can then be linked to a specific bank account (or also supplier in EOL).  

This functionality is used to link all the non-reimbursable expenses to one specific supplier (e.g. Mastercard/ Visa or User X) so that expenses can easily be reconciled.


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