Create a Trip:

1. From the Rydoo web application, click the “trips” suitcase icon in the left-hand navigation bar

NOTE: if you do not see the "Trips" tab, this means your admin has not enabled it for the account.

2. Click “create a new trip” and input name, destination, and date/ time information

2a. If this is a multi-leg trip, enable additional locations using the + icon

3. If this trip is “per diem” eligible, you can “Enable daily travel per diems”

3a. Check all eligible per diem rates, and click “Save”


Assign expenses to a trip:

When creating a new expense via web or mobile application, select the active trip from the “Trips” field drop down


Managing/ Completing Trips:

1. All trips with “Active” status can be viewed within the “Trips” tab of your web profile, with all tagged expenses.

1a. Once all expenses associated with a trip have been submitted, you can expand the trip to review all details, and “Set as completed”

NOTE: you will not be able to assign any new expenses to a trip/ modify existing expenses once “Set as completed”

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