If the approval flow is activated for your account, expenses will need to be approved and in some cases controlled, before the expense will be reported and reimbursed.

Approver and controllers are assigned on expense level. If you want to know who can approve or control a specific expense don't hesitate to take a look at the following article.

Expenses can be approved and controlled via mobile and web versions of Rydoo. More information on how to approve or control expenses can be found in the following articles:

If you have submitted your expenses to your Approver, and it has been there for some time with any action taken, it can be useful to send a reminder. It may be a priority for you to get reimbursed, so we have enabled such a feature. On the other hand, you may have started logging your expenses in Rydoo, but left them unsubmitted for some time, and your company would like to process them. In this case, an Approver is able to remind a user to submit their expense. More information on how to remind a User or an Approver about pending expenses can be found in following article:

Note that your Approver or your Controller can reject the expense you have submitted. This can be for a variety of reasons, from incorrect or missing information, to it being out of company policy. Rydoo offers a list of default reject reasons, but they can be amended in the Admin section of the account. More information regarding reject reasons can be find in following article:

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