To edit a trip you can simply click on the respective field to change its information. Similarly, you can click on the "delete" button to delete it. 

However, if there are already expenses connected to the trip, you will not be able to overwrite the information or see the "delete" button. 

In order to do this, you will first need to un-link all per diems connected to this trip. This, in order to avoid mistakes by the user or the system.

  1. Identifying expenses connected to the trip

Proceed to the "expenses" tab, and go to the "all expenses" overview:

Filter by the name of the trip and check the expenses status. If they have already been submitted, click on the expense to recall them. If they have already been approved or controlled, please contact your approver or controller to reject them.

      2. Un-linking expenses from trip

Now that you have identified all connected expenses, you will need to un-link them from the trip. 

If you have per diems connected to the trip, you will need to delete them as you will create the again after changing the trip details:

Expenses can be un-linked to be reconnected with the trip later. Please open the expense, click on the trip field and select the "please select" option:

     3. Change trip details / delete trip

After that, you will see in the trip overview that there are no expenses connected to the trip:

After opening the trip you will again be able to edit or delete the trip (see beginning of article). If you had previously deleted the per diems connected to the trip, you can reactivate them again afterwards, as well as return to the expense overview and link the expense to the trip again. 

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