Customers can be related to projects in Netsuite in the following way, and both project/ customer relationships can be imported/ exported: 

1. Create Projects: 

To create a project in netsuite, you can go to Lists > Relationships > Projects > New

2. Import Projects: 

After creating a project, ensure that "allow expenses" is ticked under preferences. Only projects with "allow expenses" will be synced to Rydoo. It is also important that the "Limit time and expenses to resources" checkbox is disabled.

Once the setup is completed, you can login to Rydoo as admin > Integrations > enable project syncing > sync your projects. Projects that are in active status will be synced to Rydoo, and they are imported in the following manner in Rydoo: 

3. Export Projects to Netsuite:

Users can assign projects to expenses, and once they go through the approval flow, they can be exported to Netsuite in the "customer" field as follows:

4. Inactivate Projects: 

If the projects are no longer active, then you can set the projects as inactive in Netsuite, and they will be reflected the same in Rydoo.

To make a project inactive, you can login to Netsuite Lists > relationships > projects > edit > System Information > check the 'inactive' checkbox > save.

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