Your company can be divided in different departments, divisions, teams, or cost center. In Rydoo there are Groups.

Group Creation Options

· Creating Groups manually

· Creating Groups through CSV file

To create a Group manually, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Admin > Under USER MANAGEMENT click Groups > select + Add Groups.


· Rydoo will automatically create a default group for you. You can overwrite the default group and give it another name.

· This group is attached to the first branch you have created, and you are the first member.

· To change the name of the group, simply click on the desired group.

· Groups CANNOT be deleted but can be deactivated if needed.

2. Enter all the necessary information in the Add Group page.


Ensure to select the correct Branch right away, since this cannot be changed afterwards.

3. Once completed, click Save. Now you will see the new Group you added.

  • To create Groups with a CSV file, see article below:

  • To fill out the CSV template correctly, click the article below:

  • For general guidelines concerning CSV Import, click the article below:

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