In the ‘Users’ you can create manually or upload all the employees that will be working with Rydoo.

There are two options to add Users:

  • Creating Users Manually

  • Creating Users through CSV file

To manually add users, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Admin > Under USER MANAGEMENT click Users > select +Add Users

2. Fill out all the necessary fields in the Add user page. 

3. Once done, click Create or Create & add new if you need to more users manually.

Opening the user profile allows you to do the following:

  • Add additional user information (user ID, date format, distance unit, …)

  • Options of changing groups

  • Assign different roles (from administrator to Finance),

  • Add a company card – or change a ‘Personal’ card to a ‘Company’ card.

  • Remove the tick mark from ‘Active’ check box if you do not want to activate the user immediately.

    NOTE: You can upload users without activating their account by unchecking the box 'Activate user'.

To add users through a CSV file, click the article below: 

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