These are the steps you'll need to follow for a MasterCard feed:

1. Customer should contact the banking relationship manager and request that their CDF (Common Data File) feed be sent directly to Rydoo in the MasterCard SmartData Portal (file type: CDF version 3 Release 14.01 or later). Please also specify the date of the earliest transactions you require in the feed. 

2. The bank will initiate delivery of the feed by finding Rydoo in MasterCard's online portal. Once the transactions are ready to be sent to Rydoo, Mastercard (bank) will inform Rydoo to confirm that the bankfeed is ready for transmission. This can be checked by CSM via a dedicated mailbox.

3. In case the bank or Mastercard would request it, please provide them with the following technical specification:

  • Vendor Name: Rydoo

  • Application Type: Hosted

  • Destination Server URL:

  • Format: the latest one (CDF v3 Release 1401, 1502, 1601), both extensions CDF And XML are possible.

  • Transmission Type: Mastercard initiated (Push)

  • Transmission Protocol: SFTP 

  • Will the file be received by an application running on a Windows Operating System platform? : Yes

  • PGP Encryption: No

  • Custom File Name: Yes (FileDeliveryID_Date_time_Seq.xml)

  • Would you like to specify a file path for where the file will be placed: Yes (/)

  • What encoding format do you require?: UTF-8

  • Frequency to send file: Daily

  • Contact person for support: [email protected]

Rydoo is a registered vendor in Mastercard SmartData Portal (see below) and banks that have Hosted Solutions Listing on the SmartData platform will be able to find Rydoo.

Optional Step 

Companies can request the start date of the data feed to the bank that configures this in the SmartData Mastercard. However, Rydoo can also configure the start date for transactions to come in if certain entities might need to go live in a later phase but would be part of one Mastercard agreement (this can only be set for a future date in Rydoo )

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