AMEX Corporate Cards (GL1025):

Step 1 

Customer should be using corporate AMEX cards. If yes, customer should contact their provider or Amex account manager, and request your AMEX data to be transferred to Rydoo.

Step 2 

AMEX will bring the customer in contact with the card implementation team. This team will provide customer with a Global Data Transfer Form (GDTF) that will need to completed, and might request the following information from Rydoo (former Xpenditure): 

Required information from Rydoo on GDTF:

  • Consolidator Name: Rydoo
  • Consolidator Address: Hendrik Consciencestraat 40/42, 2800 Mechelen

Step 3 

Once the GDTF is completed, customer will need to sign it and send it towards AMEX who can activate the data feed.

Step 4 

As AMEX has already been sending data feed to Rydoo for other existing customers, the following can be sent to AMEX team

  • Remote Access* : Xpenditure_Remote
  • Base file name: RXX3690.COMPANY_NAME.B327XXX.GL1025.00X
  • Delivery file name: RXX3690_B0003XXXXX_GL1025_00X_$DATE$$TIME$_$SEQ$.txt

Step 5 

Customer can request AMEX to set the start date of the data feed and transmit it to Rydoo.

Step 6 

Once the transactions are sent to Rydoo, AMEX requests Rydoo to confirm of the file was successfully transferred. Please contact Rydoo CSM to validate if the transactions have successfully been processed.

AMEX Non-Corporate Cards:

Not possible: AMEX does not send this data for non Corporate Amex clients.

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