Branches on Rydoo are your legal entities with different enterprise numbers. It could range from corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, trusts, nonprofits and so on. Therefore, each branch can have independent accounting reports.

Rydoo has created, a default branch for you. This is pre-filled with the information you entered upon setting up your account, but can be changed, as necessary. Please note that this is where we get the information for your Subscription invoice.

Branch Details

  • Branch Name: The name of your legal entity. This will show on other pre-requisite configurations such as groups, categories, tax rates and so on.

  • Branch code: The code of your legal entity. This will NOT show on any configuration. When filled, it is important to note the code as it is used for imports and reporting purposes.

  • Language: Select the default language for the branch. NOTE: This can be overridden by user's Profile Settings > Language.

  • Country: The country where your legal entity is located.

  • Currency: The default currency that will show on your exports and can be changed as needed.

  • Street, City and Postal Code: Enter your legal entity address.

  • Invoicing contact email: This is where the email notification about invoices will be sent to.

  • VAT ID: Enter your tax or VAT Id. NOTE: VAT ID will be validated by the system with the help of the European Commission.

  • Invoice me as an individual: When checked, the subscription invoice will be directed to the invoicing contact instead of the company.


  • Fiscal date (Optional): When selected, this date will be used as a basis for determining the mileage rate/sub-rate range.

  • Timezone (Optional): When selected, this time zone will be used for displaying the changes or time stamps in the expense history for expenses booked on the given branch.

Settings up your Legal Entities

1. Go to Admin > Under User Management, choose Branches/Legal Entities > select Add Branch.

NOTE: Rydoo created one branch for you with the information you have submitted when registering for an account. You can easily overwrite and complete it, by clicking on the default branch.

2. Fill out all the necessary fields, in the Add Branch page.

NOTE: Branch Name, Country and Currency are required.

3. Once completed, click Save. The Branch is now active in the branches overview.


  • It is not possible to deactivate or delete a branch. However, if there are no groups linked to it, it will not interfere in the further processing and reporting of the expenses.

  • If you have Travel Module activated, your branches are automatically added as Business Unit.

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