Rydoo wants to give users a simple and clear picture of where their expenses are. This is what "status" is used for.

Where can you see the status of your expense?

You can easily check the status from the Expenses page.

What does my expense status mean?




The system is reading out the Amount, Merchant, Currency, and Date of the expenses from your receipt.

NOTE: It is possible to skip the processing step and enter the information manually.

To be verified

The receipt was read out automatically. However, you must fill in other required fields manually before you can submit.


Rydoo differentiates 'Potential Duplicates' and 'Duplicate' status.


The system was not able to read the receipt details. Please try to snap a picture of your receipt again.

To Submit

All mandatory information is added in the expense details. You can now submit your expense for approval.


Your expense has been sent to your approver.

More information regarding the approval of expenses can be found here.


You have recalled the expense. It will now be possible to edit the expense.


Your expense is approved by your approver.

If two levels of approver are set in your company account, a second validation will need to be performed by your controller.


Your expense has been checked by your second-level approver (Controller) and is waiting for Finance reporting.


Your expense has been rejected by your approver, controller, or finance.


Your expense has completed the approval process and is being reimbursed by your financial department. You will receive the refund/reimbursement according to your company's policy.


Important! This status applies to companies with API integration only.

When expenses are marked as paid in the company's accounting system, Rydoo automatically receives feedback via API marking expenses as reimbursed.

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