Approving expenses with the Rydoo App is a no-brainer.

Here are the steps to approve or reject expenses using the mobile app.

1. When on the Rydoo App’s home page, go to the menu and tap on Approvals.

2. You have two options to approve/reject the expenses.

  • Swipe right to APPROVE expenses and swipe left to REJECT them.

  • Or tap on the specific expense, and when in the details, check the bottom of the screen and tap on Approve or Reject.

Reject - When you reject an expense, you will be required to select the reason. To reject swipe left.

  • Select the reason from the list.

  • If the reason is not listed, tap on Other and this will bring you to the comment field.

Note: The rejected expense will be sent back directly to the expense account owner. It will appear in the Expenses > TO DO list with the status ‘rejected’.

To control and reject an expense, please follow the same steps.

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