After creating and submitting an expense, there are different stages it will go through in the expense workflow, and thus receives a different status. When clicking on the 'Expense' icon, you will be directed to your To-Do list where you can edit your expenses if necessary before submitting them. 

Once an expense is submitted, you can't edit the data on the expense anymore, unless it hasn't been approved yet and you can recall the expense

There are several reasons why an Expense could disappear from your To-Do Overview. Here are the three most common reasons: 

1.  The Expense has been submitted and is going through the several stages of the       expense workflow, based on the set-up of your company. You could check the
     status of your expenses in the "All" section of your overview.

2. The Expense has been deleted.
     NOTE: Deleted expense(s) can no longer be retrieved. 

3. The expense has been reported.
     NOTE: Reported expenses can be hidden from all users depending on your      
     company's preference. 

     In this case, you may check your Reports > Reimburse "(Expense ID)" to verify. If
     you don't see this feature, it has been turned off by your Administrator. Kindly      
     reach out to them directly for confirmation. 

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