Depending on your company setup, your expense goes through a specific approval workflow and receives different status before reaching your finance department. Once your expense is reported, it means it has been included in the accountancy report and a reimbursement can be expected, if it's applicable.

To check where your expense is now, the stages it went through and who is your approver/controller, you can go to History. Simply go to the Expenses tab > click ALL > select an expense > click History.

This section will give you the following details: 

  1. Date and Time Stamps

  2. Action Taken

  3. Who did the action

  4. Expense ID

  5. Approver and/or Controller Name. 

NOTE: Each expense has a unique Expense ID (ex: XPD123456789). You can use this ID code in the search filter to find your expense quickly. 

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