Most Individual banks that provide Mastercard transactions have smart data agreement where Rydoo is a recognised vendor. These transactions are transferred to Rydoo in standard CDF 3.0 V 1502 format.

There are mainly 2 type of card feed: 

Lodge Cards

Most often a single card is used for making purchases, and transactions are assigned to several users in the account. Traveler ID is the unique identifier. Once the users/ administrators have updated the traveler ID and card number in the payment method section of the user profile, transactions made for the users with the card will appear in the account. Rydoo only process CDF 3.0 format, v3 Release 1502 (Providers such as Airplus and SEB currently offers this feature).

Credit Cards

Card number is the unique identifier. Once users have validated the card in the application, transactions appear in the account.

If a customer requests either a lodge card or credit card feed, the following is possible:

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