MasterCard provider: smartdata is not recognized

Rydoo can enable transaction feed for providers that are not registered on the smartdata portal.

Step 1 

Customer should check if bank or provider can send the transaction feed to a dedicated SFTP server in a specific format (CDF 3.0, Release 1502) that can be processed.

Step 2 

If the above is yes, either set up a call with the bank implementation team or request the bank implementation team if the following technical specification is acceptable:

  • Vendor Name: Xpenditure - Cardwise NV

  • Application Name: Xpenditure - Cardwise NV

  • Application Type: Hosted

  • Format: the latest one (CDF v3 Release 1502), both extensions Cdf And XML possible

  • Transmission Type: Mastercard initiated (Push)

  • Destination Server DNS

  • Transmission Protocol: SFTP (secure shell with user ID and password or key authentication)

  • Key Based Authentication: No

  • Encoding Binary/ASCII: ASCII

  • Ok to have multiple hierarchy roots in single file: Yes

  • Transfer PASS Email: [email protected]

  • Transfer FAULT Email: [email protected]

  • PGP Encryption: No

  • Custom File Name: Yes (FileDeliveryID_Date_time_Seq.xml)

  • Would you like to specify a file path for where the file will be placed: Yes (/)

  • Will the file be received by an application running on a Windows Operating System platform? : Yes

  • What encoding format do you require?: UTF-8

  • Frequency: Daily

  • Prefix: **companyname** (type in customer’s name)

Step 3 

Rydoo CSM will request an internal task to create a Virtual SFTP server for the bank to push the transaction files.

Step 4 

Once the virtual SFTP is set up, Rydoo CSM will share the credentials in a secure PDF file with lock, and password in another email.

 Step 5 

Customer should check with the bank how long it would take to transmit the transaction files to Rydoo.

 Step 6 

Customer can request the transaction provider to send the data feed from a specific start date to Rydoo.

 Step 7 

Once the transactions are sent to Rydoo, Mastercard or the provider will request Rydoo to confirm if the file was successfully transferred. This can be checked in Rydoo by CSM.

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