For uploading users, you can download the CSV file from the Rydoo platform.

When completing the CSV file, please do not make any changes (don't delete or add columns, or use a different font for example) and when finished, save it as a CSV file, else the upload will not work. Leave the columns blank, if you do not need them.
However, keep in mind some columns in the CSV file are obligatory.

NOTE: After finalizing the CSV file, please make sure to delete the sample row.
See example here below:ย 

Here below a definition of all the headings in the CSV file and what is required:


Required Field

Yes (Y) or No (N)




The corresponding email address of the user, preferably their company email address.

This will be their username and login as well.

This should be unique for each user, no duplicates.

First Name


First name of the user - can contain multiple names.

Last Name


Last name of the user - can contain multiple names.



ISO code of the language of this user, example "eng" for English. See notes for more info.

The following languages are supported in Rydoo:

Eng = English

Nld = Dutch

Fra = French

Deu = German

Por = Portuguese

Spa = Spanish

Ita = Italian

Dan = Danish

Ces = Czech

Pol = Polish

Slk = Slovak

Hun = Hungarian

swe = Swedish

fin = Finnish

zho = Chinese

jpn = Japanese



ISO country code for the user, example 'GB' for the United Kingdom.

en - United States

nl = Netherland

fr = France

de = Germany

pt = Portugal

es = Spain

It = Italy

dk = Danish

cs = Czech

pl = Polish

sk = Slovakia

hu = Hungary

se = Sweden

fi = Finland

zh = China

ja = Japan

See following link for more land codes:

Branch Name


This should be the name of one of the Branches you have previously defined.

Branch ID


ID number of the branch you will add the user to

Group Name


Make sure you add your users to the right group and that the name is spelled right. Otherwise new groups will be created in the system. Only fill in one group. Users that belong to several groups can be edited later manually.

Group ID


ID number of the group you will add the user to.

User ID


Here you can add a personnel number or an accounting code.

Reimbursement Account


Here you can add the reimbursement account of your user.



When a user should not be activated, set this field to โ€œ0โ€.

When the user needs to be uploaded and activated, set this field to "1".

Note: To make sure no unwanted mails are sent, we would advise to upload all users inactive = 0 to start. You can easily activate them within the platform afterwards.

Commuter Traffic


Here you can add the distance travelled between work and home of the employee if you want to add this into the calculations for the mileage claims.

Custom Field


Here you can enter a value for an additional data field if needed on a personal level.

  • For general guidelines concerning CSV Import, click the article below:

  • To add users to a CSV Template

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