To create a Group using a CSV file, see steps below:

1. Go to Admin > Under USER MANAGEMENT click Groups > select Upload Groups.

2. Click Download file.

You can also download Groups Template here.

3. Open the CSV file that you downloaded and enter all the necessary information.


  • Do not make any changes to the template or the upload will not work. Leave columns blank if you do not need them.

  • Do not make typos in the branch name, otherwise our tool will create a new branch for you.

Sample CSV file:

Group Field Details

4. After saving the document you can click on the button ‘Upload groups’ and click on the orange button ‘Upload file’ in the pop-up.

5. All the groups that were mentioned in the CSV file, will now be uploaded.

  • To fill out the CSV template correctly, click the article below:

  • For general guidelines concerning CSV import, click the article below:

  • To add groups manually, click the article below:

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