There are several ways to upload or create an expense. 

  • Uploading expenses through mobile app
    1) Taking a photo of your expense
             A. Single
             B. Multipage
             C. Quickscan
    2) Add expense manually
    3) Add a per diem
    4) Add a mileage expense
  • Uploading expenses via web
    1. From computer
    2. Forward via email
    3. Create expense manually
    4. Create mileage expense
    5. Create per diem

From Computer. 

1. Click Expense > Add Expense > click the drop-down arrow and click From Computer. 

2. Click Select Files. Select file from your computer or drag the receipt from the computer to Rydoo. 

3. Once the receipt is uploaded a new screen will pop-up. Select OK. 

4. The system is now processing the receipt. 

5. Once the system processes the receipt, the Status will be to be verified.

6. After verified, it will change To Submit. 

NOTE: If all the necessary fields are filled out you can now submit the expense by clicking the button Submit. 

Other ways to create expense(s), click one of the articles below:

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